Volunteer Work Links

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Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Website Links


Animal Jobs Direct - Jobs working with animals and animal welfare careers.

European Volunteer Centre - The voice of volunteering in Europe.

GoHobo - After a year living in a van Simon Gooder built this promising site for people who value experience over money, collecting the top housesitting, camping, ridesharing, and work exchange services and communities on the web.

Idealist.org - Idealist connects people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives.

Mission Finder.org - Classified directories of Christian mission opportunities.

The Muskoka Foundation - Their laudable vision is to create a network of hundreds of modern day explorers, traveling overland in communities around the world, using their professional skills to do good as they go to reduce poverty, improve health and inspire others to do the same. Unlike most voluntourism type gap year programmes, their global travelers are seasoned professionals such as doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs and consultants.

Online Volunteering.org - The UNV Online Volunteering service connects volunteers with organisations working for sustainable human development.

South American Explorers - Volunteer information offered to their members via the web or through their clubhouses in Quito, Lima, Cusco and Buenos Aires.

Volunteer Latin America - Enables people to volunteer for free or at minimal cost by connecting them to organisations that provide affordable (or free) volunteering opportunities.

Travel Blogs by Current or Former Volunteers

Art of Adventuring - Michael Tieso left the cubicle life in May 2009 to travel the world. During his travels, Michael has volunteered in Buenos Aires. Along with his own experiences AOB contains a good number of guest posted working and volunteering abroad articles.

Backpacks & Bunkbeds - Neil Barnes spent a few years after university travelling and backpacking including a stint volunteer sports coaching in Sri Lanka.

Generous Nomads - Izzy Berry volunteered with children in Cambodia. She encourages travellers to get under the skin of a country by sharing their time and skills as a volunteer.

OneStep4ward.com - Johnny Ward has plenty of experience of working abroad including the time he volunteered in Taiwan.

The Professional Hobo - Nora Dunn has saved money on her travels with housesitting stints, including looking after a beach front villa in the Caribbean, volunteer work and yacht crewing.

VickyFlipFlop - Vicky Philpott has worked at English immersion camps in Spain and volunteered in the Czech Republic.

Other Travel Blogs

Nomadical Sabbatical - Peter Shaw’s travel blog is based on the idea of leaving a full time job to travel the world.