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Volunteering Work Abroad


Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work Abroad is just one part of our small group of interlinked websites and blogs put together by two backpackers that themselves work their way around the world. We fund our travels working online but we also save money by working with hostels or volunteering.

Over the years we have helped thousands of people follow their dreams and work abroad. Some of the jobs we have helped our readers to find have been marvellous experiences in themselves, while others have been a bit crap but they paid for food, accommodation and onward tickets.

When we are on the move we often meet people who could use a helping hand, and when not travelling we spend a lot of time online trying to find useful ideas and suggestions that we can pass on to you. However we find what we find the results are our sites.

Real vacancies abroad

We frequently get sent CVs or are asked for a job by people who think we are an agency of some sort. We’re not, but rather than not be able to help we are collecting useful organisations that can help you to work and volunteer abroad now in our Overseas Job Centre. This complements our Jobs Abroad Bulletin (JAB), the place we put all the current vacancies sent to us by employers, both paid and voluntary work. We can also send you the latest jobs posted to our boards if you sign up to our email newsletter.

The Working Traveller blog

The Working Traveller blog mixes up our own travel experiences and photos, and other travel features, with ideas and tips for working and volunteering abroad. We also put current jobs we have spotted on other websites in our JobSpy section and share first hand articles by working travellers in our Workers of the World Weekly column. Every once in a while we collate these into our Blogger's Guides.

Work abroad guide and directory

Many of the types of work we cover can be undertaken as part of a gap year, but for information specifically on gap schemes, internships, study and work programmes, see our Volunteer Work and Gap Year pages, backed up by our directory with thousands of links. We are also collating a pictorial guide to working and travellling overseas on our Pinterest boards.


Join us on twitter or facebook where we frequently share useful things we find on working abroad, gap years, travelling the world and living abroad. Alternatively, visit out Work Abroad Wall to find a number of helpful twitter searches in one place, including for volunteering abroad and gap years. For first hand advice and answers to your working abroad questions we can also point you in the direction of our Work Abroad Experts. Lastly, if you have absolutely no idea what you want to do there are 600+ suggestions randomly listed on our big page of ways to get paid to travel.


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