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Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work in Serbia

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Free or Cheap Volunteer Work in Serbia


Volunteer opportunities in Serbia are limited and those that do want to get under the skin of one of Europe's less visited nations will probably fare best by joining WWOOF or another help exchange network.


Hostel Work Exchanges

Many hostels use help exchange networks (see below) to find volunteer staff but the following either advertise on their websites or are particularly noted for taking on volunteers:

Star Hostel Belgrade

Restricted by needing visas to travel anywhere in Europe the owners of Star Hostel were convinced to start their business to bring the world to them. They don't say on their website but this seems also to include volunteers to which they offer accommodation and food for a minimum of two weeks. We have also noticed that they opened their doors to refugees in the winter months and, as their staff had left for the season, needed a volunteer then too.


Other Opportunities to Volunteer in Serbia

Three Novi Sad University students started the Exit Festival in 2000 to protest against the nationalism and xenophobia of the Slobodan Milosevic regime, Exit quickly grew to attract over 200,000 people from all over Serbia, neighbouring former Yugoslav countries and the rest of the world. Held near Novi Sad in July, the festival attracts acts such as The Horrors, Primal Scream, Sub Focus and Paul Weller. Despite in the past needing thousands of volunteers to work in marketing, protocol, press centre, programme production, building, bar work, entrances, accreditation, security and the Exit Village, we couldn't find volunteer information on their site without the aid of a search engine, and that dated from 2014. The application procedure changed a little each year but, in the past, applications were open for two weeks between May 1 and May 15, Volunteers stayed free in the Exit Village, were fed and got free drink tokens for shifts of up to six hours per day for around a week.

Volunteering in Serbia


Help Exchange Networks in Serbia

Workaway -
HelpStay -{XID_HASH}
HelpX -


Other Ways to Travel or Stay for Free in Serbia

Stay for free in return for caring for local residents' homes or pets. Join Trusted Housesitters to live rent free as a house sitter (Americans may prefer this link). You can also get a free $25 Airbnb credit from us here.


Volunteer Experiences*

3 Things I Learned from WWOOFing in Serbia - Beth and Randy enjoy the regional cuisine, culture, customs and homemade wine that are among the benefits of volunteering on an organic farm.


* not all these volunteer experiences are with grassroots NGOs or low cost organisations

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